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Grupos Diários

Os grupos diários funcionam de segunda a sexta feira e procuram ir ao encontro das necessidades de cada família e de cada criança, como um espaço de acolhimento, bem estar e aprendizagem.


One-off Encounters

Let's provide a different morning for our children! You can register up to 24 hours before, depending on the availability of the day!



Activities for school groups in the Cintra Tribus space or at the school itself. Let's give our group of children a day of lots of play and learning!


Monthly Plans

Weekly activities in the Cintra Tribus pine forest. A routine of wonders in nature!


Vacation Programs

There's nothing like taking advantage of the holidays to play freely at Cintra Tribus. Give time and space for children to make their choices, to be authentic and happy. 



Bring your family and friends and come celebrate your birthday at Cintra Tribus. We will give you the best birthday party!

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